Boys are trash. The sooner you realise it, the better off you’ll be.

Since I have been indulged in a longer-than-usual relationship in high school on the age of 14, I don't remember myself ever seeking value in my own. Since that relationship, I have always thought that my worth was weighted by how much my boyfriend valued me or how much boys liked me in general. Every... Continue Reading →


It has already fallen apart

As I layed in my bed, motionless- almost paralyzed, I listened to the hysteric shouting downstairs. I know I shouldn't be and that trying to comprehend all the words being said would only make me feel worse. In that moment all I wanted was to become nothing more than normal. I didn't want this it-will-build-character-in-the-future... Continue Reading →

You were a poem to me

In all of the relationships I've been in, I've always written love letters. In those letters I would write endless metaphors about them. The person I loved would become more than what they really are, and for a moment I thought that was love. I thought by describing them from drugs to hurricanes that it... Continue Reading →

I’m here

It might be very ego-centric of me to think of it this way but I wouldn't know how else to take it. I know about the girls. About how they seem to either look quite like me or be quite like me. Maybe it's just a very inconvenient coincidence but it just doesn't feel that... Continue Reading →

True love

There's this concept about true love and soulmates.  It says that for one person on this earth; there is always another meant for them. The only one condition. You must find them yourselves. How do you find them you ask? "You just know", is what you mostly get to hear. At the age of 9,... Continue Reading →

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