21 for you

This is the first chapter of a book I wanted to start writing months ago. I’m still however stuck on how to continue the story. (Not to be copied/reproduced)


LOOKS OF ENVY AND DISGUST CROWD MY SIGHT as I lock lips with Alex, the most wanted guy in the Beta Kappa fraternity.
“Feel like taking this party elsewhere, Stacy?”

Of course I didn’t expect this bonehead to even remember my name but the jealous glances that were sent my way was what kept me going in this little show with him. “Actually I’d rather stay here, babe. Besides, that redhead has been eye humping you for forever that I feel like she should have the honours, don’t you think?”

That did the trick. Everyone knows Alex Sterling has a hot spot for red locks. Yes, anything with legs and a short skirt too but he’d drop anything and anyone to get one of those in bed. That piece of information is known to every female college student within the perimeters of the frat house.

He smirked, gave me one last peck before heading to the girl.

I wasn’t even planning on having sex with him anyways but knowing that I could’ve puts my heart at peace.

I headed to the bar and asked for the strongest thing they’ve got. Since Allison isn’t here, I don’t see any reason to stay sober. She’s out with Adam, another member of the Beta Kappa’s and also her almost a year long boyfriend. They’ve been together since the day they landed eyes on each other the first day we stepped foot in Belford Uni.

Have been inseperable since, to my dismay.

I mean it’s not like we don’t hang out anymore. She just tags along with Adam more than she hangs out with me. I know how much the guy means to her so I let her be.
The bartender stares at me with raised eyebrows which snapped me out of my thoughts. I focused my attention back to him and gave him a small sound. “Your ID, miss?” Shoot. Sometimes I forget the fact that I’m still 18. I felt up my pockets, acting as though I’m looking for my ID, that I stuffed in my bra a few hours ago. “I think I may have forgotten it at home. Can you maybe let it slip this once?” I asked, leaning forward to show off a bit of red lace popping through my white shirt. He swallowed and scratched the back of his neck nervously. “I’m sorry but those are the rules, miss. Last time I tried to bend them, I almost lost my job.” “Too bad but I understand. Don’t feel too bad about it.” I said, giving him a small smile.

Before I could leave the bar, a hand grabbed my arm. “Leave it to me. Two screwdrivers, please.” A low voice said, swiftly showing his ID.

I looked up, getting a good look of the man. He has messy shaggy dark brown hair, laid back as though he only ran his hands through them a few times to get them placed perfectly. His warm hazel eyes, still clear as ever even in this dim light. His stubble showing the few days lack of shaving.

The shot glasses loudly placed on the wooden surface, interrupted my web of thoughts. “The party’s are great here but they gotta do something ’bout the bar rules, huh? Sucks if you forgot your ID.” I flashed him a smile and nodded. Well, I got myself in this mess, might as well play along. “Yeah, especially when you really want to get wasted.” He chuckled, his deep voice piercing through my ears. He threw the shot back and extended his hand towards me, every movement looking effortless. “Ryder.” I smiled once again and took his hand in mine. “Paige.”

“Beautiful name.” He said, giving me a smile in return. I thanked him and threw my shot back as well, feeling the burning sensation in my throat. “So, what brings you here, Ryder?” I asked, hoping he couldn’t hear how nervous he made me feel. “The dad of Landon makes me check on him every now and then when the frat throws another giant party.” He answered, tapping on the table for the bartender to hear. “You know him?” He asked. “Uh, some frat boy I’m guessing?” I said giggling, knowing my first one night stand too damn well. “Yeah, exactly. I know what you’re thinking, chaperoning a frat boy at his own party sounds lame but I kinda promised the old man I would, you know?” I nodded, playing with the shot glass in my hand. “You still gonna drink that?” I shook my head and pushed it towards him. “Thought I could handle being a lightweight but I’m starting to feel it in my guts.” He smiled and took it from me. “Besides, I don’t want to burden you buying me shots the whole time either.” “Don’t mention it. I mean, I should be the one excusing myself… for burdening you with having to keep me company.” He answered. I shook my head and touched his arm. “It’s alright. The party’s dying down anyways.” I said, as I glanced at the time. 2:30 am.

“Well, I have a feeling we’ll be here some time so… care to tell me what brought you here, Paige?”
Like I said, might as well. It’s not like I’ll see him back any time soon.


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