Reminder: studying is a privilege

I spend most of my days whining about how school is wearing me out and how I would rather give up and become a stripper than stay in school.

I’ve found that it’s so easy for me to just take everything I have for granted; the way I’m very privileged to be able to learn what I can learn is something I don’t always take the time to be thankful for.

The older I got the more I understood the importance of education. It is so easy to want to give up and to not want to succeed because you feel like no matter what you try you won’t make it.

I’ve had had so many chances that I blew because of the laziness and the lack of motivation I owned and I wish I tried harder back then.

Because most of the time, the ability to study is something we take for granted so much.

Of course making mistakes and wrong decisions is a part of it but the deal is that you have to be able to learn from it.
Dwelling on all the things you could have done before is only going to hold you back from whatever greatness you can achieve in developing yourself from what you already got.

Everyone is entitled to some kind of greatness,
but it takes a strong, determined person to want achieve it.


photo courtesy: weheartit

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