To my future husband

I’ve told you probably a million times how much I love you and how much you mean to me that it starts sounding like a broken record. Now that I think about it, it does, doesn’t it? So instead I’m going to tell you why I love you, not just that I do (cause you know that already).

  1. You’re the most understanding person I ever met and I admire you for that.
  2. You’ve been through so much and after all that you’re still the most kind-hearted. You may not think you are but everything you do that you don’t even realize you do, makes me know you are.
  3. I love you for always reminding me how beautiful I am. Even at my worst, you never cease to lift me up. You always try to make my insecurities go away, no matter how I much I tell you I don’t like who I am, you reassure me that those reasons are just what you love about me.
  4. You’re passionate. The way you talk about things you’re interested in and things that you like doing makes me fall in love with you all over again. (tbh it’s really sexy whenever you try to explain things like that to me)
  5. You prioritize a lot of people before yourself. I love how you care so much about every person in your life.
  6. You can handle the mess that my family can be and I don’t understand how you do it. It just warms my heart that even when you think you’re just trying, you’re actually making it all better.
  7. You forget a lot of things. Which you might think is a weird reason to love someone but it’s just cause I never forget anything (or I mostly don’t), and it makes me feel like I can still be someone helpful to you.
  8. We make the best kind of love. No doubt.
  9. You continuously love and admire me. You never left, and you never stopped. You were and are always there through thick and thin, through all the times I break down and give up.
  10. I didn’t need to see you first to know that you were who I wanted to spend forever with. Your mind (and your cheesy pick-up lines) were enough to make me want to be yours for as long as the universe lets me.
  11. You put up with me. Always. No matter how hard I can make it for you sometimes, you still choose me. And I love you so much more for that.
  12. You make me laugh. All the time. And I know I make you laugh too so that’s a plus, right babe?
  13. You know we’re very different people. But you never let it stop you from loving me as much as you can, and I’m so lucky to have you for that.
  14. I love how you still want to prove you can eat more than me when you know you can’t.
  15. I love that we are never perfect. But we are for each other.
  16. I love the things you don’t love about yourself. Everything you may second guess, or hate even, about who you are or how you look like, I love you and all of you, no matter what.
  17. The way you think I won’t love you when I get to know all of you makes me want to stay even more. (you won’t get rid of me)
  18. I love you for the almost one hundred days that we’ve been together. Because since day one, you have proven to me that it can always get better. And it does, and continuously gets better. I love you for all days we’ve spent, and our late night calls. I love our little arguments about where to eat, what to eat, where to go, and I love that our fights never last for an hour or two.

Just know that I love you for all you are, all we are, and all you make me feel like I am.

your babygirl ❤


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