I’m here

It might be very ego-centric of me to think of it this way but I wouldn’t know how else to take it.

I know about the girls. About how they seem to either look quite like me or be quite like me. Maybe it’s just a very inconvenient coincidence but it just doesn’t feel that way.

There are so many other girls, so many that are different from me. But yet you chose ones who are obvious replicas of me.

I don’t hate you, nor do I hate them. I’m not jealous and I don’t carry any kind of hatred against you or those girls.

But what I do feel is sympathy, better yet pity.

Leaving me, whilst making me believe you weren’t ready for commitment or a relationship, to later on find out you were just looking for a ‘better’ me… is beyond ironic.

It would give me way too much satisfaction, knowing you’re looking for me in everything.
After the pain you put me through, I would find it hilarious.

But I don’t want you to.

No matter how much I want to give myself that feeling of supremacy, I still don’t want you to search for bits of me in other girls.

I want you to forget me as you said you would. I want you to keep me and the rest of our memories in the box I know you still have in your closet.
And I want you to look beyond whatever it is that keeps you holding on to me.

Even though you’ve done all cruel things possible to the person you vowed to only love,

I don’t wish you the same.


photo courtesy: weheartit

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