March 4th 2017.

You are the light of my life, the reason I am determined to live through my own personal hell. You made me believe in myself; taught me that I had to work hard to make it in this world. This world I now have to live without you. I want you to know that I... Continue Reading →


It has already fallen apart

As I layed in my bed, motionless- almost paralyzed, I listened to the hysteric shouting downstairs. I know I shouldn't be and that trying to comprehend all the words being said would only make me feel worse. In that moment all I wanted was to become nothing more than normal. I didn't want this it-will-build-character-in-the-future... Continue Reading →

You were a poem to me

In all of the relationships I've been in, I've always written love letters. In those letters I would write endless metaphors about them. The person I loved would become more than what they really are, and for a moment I thought that was love. I thought by describing them from drugs to hurricanes that it... Continue Reading →

I’m here

It might be very ego-centric of me to think of it this way but I wouldn't know how else to take it. I know about the girls. About how they seem to either look quite like me or be quite like me. Maybe it's just a very inconvenient coincidence but it just doesn't feel that... Continue Reading →

Love as much as you can. Love as boldly, as wildly as you can. Only then you can live a truly happy life. Don't let fear drive you away from giving your heart to as many people as you can. Yes, I won't lie, you will get hurt. There will be a moment in your... Continue Reading →

Staying afloat

There are some moments in life that make me re-evaluate the reasons why I haven't ended my own life; the reasons why I didn't feel the need to give in and drown in the depths of life. Yes, I know suicide is never the answer and it brings more misery than what the person anticipated,... Continue Reading →

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